Major revelation in &TV show

Manu’s ‘gender’ reality to come to the fore in &TV’s Waaris

&TV’s Waaris (Viniyard Films) has tightened the script, doling out intriguing content revolving around Manu and his gender subterfuge.

Manu, a poignant character, enacted by able Farnaz Shetty, is the pivot on which the plot revolves.

She is a girl but has been brought up as a boy to ensure her safety in an ambiance marred with challenges for women.

All grown up, Manu’s identity is hidden, an act which will soon take a hit.

Amba (Aarti Singh) will learn about Manu and Rajveer’s (Neel Motwani) emotional affinity towards each other.

Amba will confront Rajveer and threaten him at gunpoint to stay away from Manu.

Manu, headstrong and besotted, will run in to save Rajveer. In the entire potboiler of a commotion, she will lose her headgear, exposing her mane, thus revealing her identity to the world.

Hakuna matata moment for all watches of the show.

Do watch the drama and keep reading Indianwikimedia.

The track was confirmed by source from a set on grounds of anonymity.

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