Interesting twist in Zee TV show

Meera’s romantic gesture for Vivaan in Kaleerein

Zee TV’s daily Kaleerein (Triangle Films) is winning hearts by each passing day.

The show recently witnessed a new entry Roma (Shilpa Saklani) who has come to make Meera’s (Aditi Sharma) life hell.

In the coming drama, Roma will turn more evil. The lady will hire goons to get Meera out of the house along with her family. However, soon hero Vivaan (Arjit Taneja) will come for her rescue and handle the situation. Meera will be thankful to Vivaan for saving her from the trouble hence she will decide to express gratitude in a unique way.

We hear, Meera will make a special thank you card for him. Uneducated Meera will write in English on the card. However, her weird English will make her sisters laugh. Soon, they would help her to give the card a final touch.

Awwww! How romantic

What will happen next? Will this card bring the two closer to each other?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach Aditi for a comment.

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