Udti Ka Naam Rajjo the Star Plus show produced by Bits & Bots Media has seen engaging drama wherein Arjun (Rajveer Singh) is being troubled by the thoughts of Rajjo (Celesti Bairaagey) even while he is going through his pre-wedding rituals. On the other hand, Rajjo is not able to control her feelings after getting intoxicated by Vicky. She is going on an overflow of thoughts which are related to Arjun. She even expressed her thoughts very clearly to Arjun.

We saw how Arjun heard the fight of Vicky and Rajjo over the phone. We also saw Rajjo giving him the address of where she lives over the phone. Arjun rescued Rajjo from Vicky’s friends and even warned Manorama.

In the coming episode, Arjun will get back to save Rajjo again. He will be told by the inspector about Vicky’s vicious acts of trading girls across borders. Hearing this, Arjun will be determined to save Rajjo from the evil man. When Arjun will reach the abode, Rajjo will be in a problem at the hands of Vicky.

Will Rajjo be brought to a point of safety by Arjun?