Udti Ka Naam Rajjo the Star Plus show produced by Bits & Bots Media has seen engaging drama wherein the time is ticking as Arjun (Rajveer Singh) has decided to go to the USA, leaving his family and Rajjo. Rajjo is tense and upset that Arjun is leaving. Chirag holds a gut feeling that there is something related to Guru maa that Arjun got to know and that is the reason why he is running away from his relationship.

Chirag and Rajjo aim to crack the secret. They get dressed as NRIs and reach Gurumaa’s abode to get to know the secret. On the other hand, time is ticking as Arjun starts to leave for his flight.

The coming episode will see Rajjo and Chirag doing all that it takes to get the truth out from Guru Maa. Eventually, they will know about the kundali dosh that Arjun carries and how Madhumalti wanted to transfer the dosh to Rajjo by getting them to consummate their relationship.

Will Rajjo be able to stop Arjun?