Vish the Colors show will see Aliya getting into a romantic and sensuous moment with Aditya. Read the details here.

Vish: Aliya to get seductively close to Aditya

Vish the supernatural show on Colors produced by Peninsula Pictures has seen the stunning happenings wherein the lives of Aditya (Vishal Vashishtha) and Aliya (Sana Makbul) are entangled being under the evil eyes of Sabrina (Debina Bonnerjee).

In an interesting development in Vish, the makers have introduced a new character named Cat Rina played by noted actress Nalini Negi into the tale.

Cat Rina as the name suggests is a cat woman who has been deployed by Sabrina to complete her mission.

Cat Rina who is basically a shape shifter usually appears in human form.

In an interesting sequence that got shot, loyal viewers of the show can witness a sensous romantic sequence between Aditya and Aliya.


Yes, going out of her character and persona, Aliya will be seen trying to seduce Aditya.

And this move of Aliya will actually shock Aditya as he would not have expected Aliya to be so romantic in behavour.

Are you all already excited for this?

Well, this will turn out to be a twist in the tale as the lady wooing and trying to get too close to Aditya will actually not be Aliya, but Cat Rina in the guise of Aliya.


As per a reliable source, “Aditya and Aliya will get too close and the sequence will be very sensuous. However, Aditya will have his own doubts on why Aliya is behaving so differently.”

What is the motive of Cat Rina in the show Vish?

We buzzed actors to get more information on this, but could not get through to them.

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