Kumkum Bhagya 28th October 2022 Written Update S-01 Ep-2251: The officer suspects Alia and she takes her phone and calls the tailor and tells him to come to the Kohli mansion. Rhea and Alia get tense thinking that they will be caught now. Ranbir apologizes to Prachi for misbehaving with everyone.

Kumkum Bhagya 28th October 2022 Written Update S-01 Ep-2251: The Inspector takes Alia’s phone

In today’s Kumkum Bhagya episode, Dida asks the constable why the Inspector is not asking them questions. The constable says that their madam doesn’t ask many questions. Dida says that if she doesn’t want to question then why did they call them here? The constable says that Madan calls those members first who have not done anything. Madam asks Dida if Prachi is her favorite. Dida tells her to ask Prachi. Madam tells Dida that she loves Prachi a lot. Dida says more than herself she loves Prachi. Vikram says he feels Prachi is his daughter. Yamini tells them that Prachi is getting so much love in this house and she is getting attacked too. She asks them to not inform anyone about her questions, otherwise, they all will come here preparing answers. Madam says that she needs to catch the culprit by reading their eyes. They agree. She asks them to send Sid inside. They agree and leave the room. Constable asks Yamini whom she doubts.

Then in Kumkum Bhagya, Yamini says she doesn’t doubt anyone till now and let’s decide after meeting everyone. Ranbir apologizes to Prachi for shouting at her. Prachi asks if it’s from his heart. Ranbir says of course, do you want written proof? Prachi says yes. Ranbir says he will write that she is careless and irresponsible. Prachi says she is not mad to read his nonsense. She is about to leave. Ranbir asks her to be careful. Prachi stops. Ranbir leaves the room. Prachi thinks he doesn’t know how to apologize. Shahana notices it and asks him why he gets disappointed after the phone call. Aryan says it’s about Mili and he can’t tell her as you judge him. Shahana promises him that she won’t. Aryan tells her he will tell her some other day and leaves. Yamini asks Sid why he looks tense when she didn’t even question him. Sid says he is not tense and she can talk to Prachi to know that he cares for Prachi.

Constable says Sid looks innocent. Yamini asks if someone dislikes Prachi. Sid recalls Rhea and says yes. Yamini asks if they ever fight with each other. Sid says yes. Yamini asks what kind of fight. Sid recalls Alia’s warning. He tells her she is a misunderstanding, they are sisters and love each other. Yamini asks him to send Rhea and Alia inside. He leaves. Yamini suspects Sid is hiding something from them. Aryan comes downstairs and asks if Sid didn’t come out. They all say no. Aryan asks why they are taking so much time. Pallavi says it’s the general investigation and asks why he looks tense. Aryan says he doesn’t. Shahana thinks about what happened to him. Dida asks Shahana what she is thinking. Shahana says nothing, everyone has a question mark, what are they questioning inside? Vikram says questions will be normal. Aryan asks what they questioned them. Vikram says they want to know who’s closer to Prachi and who’s not. Alia and Rhea hear it. Dida reminds him of Yamini’s request.

Later in Kumkum Bhagya, Sid comes out. Shahana asks him why they questioned him. Sid is about to say but Dida stops him. Sid asks Rhea and Alia to go inside. Dida asks them to go. Rhea and Alia enter the room. Yamini asks them to not discuss what she questions them outside. Rhea says this because she doesn’t want others to prepare their answers. Alia alerts her. Yamini says Dida might have informed them. She asks who loves Prachi more than them. Rhea says she loves Prachi. Alia says they all love each other as family. Yamini asks what kind of relationship they share. Alia tells Yamini that Prachi feels that Rhea is her favorite but it is not like that and she loves both Rhea and Prachi. Yamini says she understands how much she loves Prachi. Yamini asks what’s the date of birth of Prachi. They look tense.

Lastly in Kumkum Bhagya, Yamini says sorry, they are twins so they share the same birth date. She asks them to leave. They leave. Inspector says she doubts someone. Constable asks who’s from Rhea and Alia. Yamini smiles. Alia mocks Prachi. Dida and Shahana rebuke her and support Prachi. Inspector comes downstairs and says she questioned everyone. Rhea says she didn’t question Prachi. Yamini says Ranbir and Prachi are not on her list. She asks Alia to give her the phone. Constable takes her phone. Yamini opens Alia’s phone and asks why she messaged Tailor that work is done. Alia says he made the dupatta. Yamini asks her to call him. Alia says he may be asleep. Yamini says he will wake up with her call. Yamini calls Tailor and asks him to come to Kohli’s house. He agrees. Yamini asks them to get her tea until the tailor arrives. Rhea gets tensed.

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