Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana the Star Plus show produced by Zama Habib’s Qissago Telefilms has seen major drama around the baby shower function of Amrita (Esha Kansara). We wrote about how dramatic things have been for Pritam (Hasan Zaidi) who has struggled to retrieve the briefcase loaded with explosives from the Sakhuja house. He has fallen into problems time and again, and also got into a daring act to return home with Amrita’s baby shower dress.

We also wrote about how the Sakhujas saw a different side of Pritam when he danced crazily to Emosanal Attyachaar.

We have also written about the big problem that will come in during the Godh Baraai. Pritam will be arrested with solid proof for the murder of a girl in a motel. This will come as a shock to the Sakhujas.

But what will be more painful for them will be the fact that Guneet (Adarsh Gautam) will also be arrested with Pritam.


Why so? What will happen now?

Picture Courtesy: Instagram