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All the teasing scenes of Jethalal and Bhide are here

When Bhide teases Jethalal in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

The famous comedy show ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’ revolves around Jethalal and the hilarious problems of his life. The ardent fans of the show will now be treated with a hilarious situation of Jethalal Gada who needs to take care of his old father Champak Lal.

The scene is created because Jethalal unintentionally broke his father’s specs. This will give the viewers some hilarious banter, which will leave the viewers laughing their hearts out.

Jethalal incidentally broke Bapuji’s specs under his feet and even fails to put an order for his new specs with the optician. Consequently, he chooses to babysit Bapuji until he gets another pair of glasses. But he needs to urgently reach his shop for a meeting. As per the recent promo, Bhide deliberately puts the mobile on speaker when Jethalal calls to tell him the things he failed to do on that day.

Jethalal advises Bhide to ask Popatlal to bring tea from Abdul’s shop and requests not to tell this to Bapuji. But, lesser he knows that the mobile is on speaker. After hearing the things Jethalal forgot, Bapuji shouts at him leaving the audience in laughter.

Remember the scene where, unfortunately for Tapu Sena, within minutes of Bhide’s lecture on how to behave decently, the cricket ball they were playing with, lands in his misal, which splashes all over his kurta. Both the misal and the kurta that had made his morning beautiful have been ruined by Tapu Sena.

In a fit of anger, Bhide rushes down to give the children a piece of his mind when Jethalal intervenes. The two start teasing each other and get into a heated argument.

No one can find a way to make peace between the two, Right?

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