Bigg Boss 22nd October 2022 Written Update S-16 Ep-22: Karan Johar hosts the show and celebrates the Diwali bash with the housemates. Karan Johar enquires about the war between Archana and other housemates. Karan asks Ankit to confess love for Priyanka.

Bigg Boss 22nd October 2022 Written Update S-16 Ep-22: Bigg Boss Diwali with Karan Johar

Today’s Bigg Boss episode starts with Bigg Boss welcoming Karan Johar. Karan speaks in English. Bigg Boss corrects him. He tells that Salman isn’t well thus Karan will take over the weekend ka vaar. Karan gets excited to host the show. Bigg Boss says before he starts he wants to show something to him. Abdu steals chocolates from the captain’s room. He shares with Shiv. Abdu asks Shiv to take Shalin’s name if any asks who did it.

9:15 AM: Buzzer ring for Nimrit and Manya. Archana asks Nimrit to wake up. She asks Nimrit to do the bin so that cooking can start. Nimrit says she has a back ache and can’t perform the duty. Archana insists Nimrit do the bin. Nimrit refuses. Archana asks Nimrit to ask anyone on her behalf to do her duty else cooking will not start.

9:45 AM: Archana says to Ankit that the bin is never done on time.

10 AM: Abdu entertains Sajid, Nimrit, Gautam by enacting how he will react when contenders will leave the house.

10:15 AM: Tina and Shalin talk in the kitchen. Sajid talks with Shiv and says Shalin is acting. He says he is trying to be in everyone’s good book. Nimrit decide to not perform any duty nor let anyone perform any duty

11:30 AM: Nimrit gathers housemates against Archana.
Priyanka says to Ankit that inmates are bullying Archana. Gori says Archana should be made to sit on a donkey. Verbal arguments happen between Archana and Gori.

12:15 PM: Archana asks Manya if she is here to chill. Manya and Archana argue with each other. Sumbu tries to interrupt Archana and Manya. Stan asks Sumbul not to jump into the conversation. Manya too asks Sumbul not to jump into the conversation. Shalin and Stan argue with each other. Nimrit and Tina decide to stop Stan so that Sumbul doesn’t get any content. Tina claims everyone is trying to be good. She says Shalin must have asked Sumbul to interrupt. Sumbul says she jumped into the conversation on her own.

12:30 PM: Gori indirectly targets Archana. Archana and Priyanka decide not to react to Gori. Gori takes dragon fruit from Archana’s room. Archana throws the fruit. Gori refuses to wear the mike until Bigg Boss takes action against Archana. Archana and Gori argue with each other. Priyanka advises Archana not to get provoked by Gori.

1:15 PM: Gori threatens to hit Archana if Bigg Boss doesn’t reply to her. Sajid and Manya ask Gori not to do anything wrong.

1:30 PM: Gori decides to hit Archana with a dumbbell if Bigg Boss doesn’t take action.

1:45 PM: Gori cries. Stan consoles Gori. Archana boosts her morale. Gori decides to leave the house.

4:15 PM: Sajid says good Archana didn’t win the seat. Gori complained to Shiv, Stan, Tina, Nimrit and Gautam that Archana pushed her. Karan Johar asks Bigg Boss to give him the permission to school inmates. Karan met housemates. Housemates get excited to see Karan.

Then in Bigg Boss, Karan discusses Archana vs housemates. He talks about contenders doing revolt against Archana. Karan asks Archana who fairly revolted during her captaincy. Archana says Gori and Manya started the revolt against her first. She claims she snatched Shiv’s captaincy thus they avenged her. Karan discusses Nimrit’s captaincy. He proves she wants a good captain. Karan asks Shiv what he would have done if any contender would have repeatedly stolen chocolates. Shiv says he would try handling the matter calmly or else would have taken the person out. Karan proves as per reflex action he would have done what Archana has done. Karan schools Gori about bullying Archana. He gets angry at Stan and Shiv for becoming Gori’s lawyer. Karan asks Stan how Archana was wrong in the fight with Gori. Stan explains that Archana has stolen stuff. Karan says Archana has stolen but didn’t do robbery.

Later in Bigg Boss, Karan says friendship in the house is fake. He adds that Shiv and Stan take a wrong stand when it comes to Gori. Karan asks housemates to vote who think Gori uses wrong gestures. Maximum vote goes against Gori. Gori tries to speak. Karan asks Gori to stay mum. Karan asks Shiv if he doesn’t feel Stan and Gori were taking personal vengeance on Archana. He highlighted that Gori was threatening Archana with the dumbbell. Karan says Gori threatened Bigg Boss too. Karan asks housemates if Gori’s provocation was right or wrong. Housemates vote against Gori. Karan says Gori’s action towards Archana and Bigg Boss was completely wrong. Karan asks Gori if she wants to go out or if she wants to stay back. Gori decided to go. Karan gives Gori a time to think. Shiv, Stan, Abdu, Manya and Sajid convince Gori to stay.

Manya says to Gori that Bigg Boss is a wrong platform. She says everyone out here is cheap. Shiv disagrees with Karan. Shalin argues with Shiv and proves Karan right. Shiv gets offended. He calls Shalin a flipper and Priyanka jumps into the conversation. Shiv argues with Priyanka. Karan visits inmates inside the house. He discusses Gori and Archana’s issue. Karan schools Gori for stretching the matter. Gori apologises to Karan and Bigg Boss. Karan asks inmates to sing the Bigg Boss anthem. Inmates sing. Karan asks inmates to repeat after him. He composes his own song. Karan talks about his film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. He indicates Tina, Shalin and Sumbul. Everyone enjoys it.

Lastly in Bigg Boss, Karan asks Tina to give the expressions on the kuch kuch hota hai song. Karan gives Shalin and Tina a task to perform. Tina blushes. Shalin gets smitten with Tina. Karan asks Gautam and Soundarya what’s cooking between them. Gautam says they are friends. Karan says Nimrit isn’t playing a game now. Karan asks Ankit to confess love for Priyanka. Ankti says not on camera. Karan takes Abdu’s autograph. Abdu gets happy. Karan asks Archana to rate the boys of the house according to their looks. Archana performs the task. Shalin wins the task post Archana gives him 9 points. Next, Karan performs a Jodi task with Priyanka, Ankit, Gautam, Shalin and Sajid. He further asks inmates to choose which contender needs to get their heart clean. Stan votes for Priyanka and says she is diplomatic.

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