Bigg Boss 29th October 2022 Written Update S-16 Ep-29: Salman Khan welcomes Katrina, Ishaan and Siddhant to the show. Salman Khan gives Gautam an option to give up house ration and become caption. Gautam becomes captain of the house and keeps everyone hungry.

Bigg Boss 29th October 2022 Written Update S-16 Ep-29: Katrina, Siddhant and Ishaan in the house

Today’s Bigg Boss episode starts with Katrina welcoming Ishaan and Siddhant. She shows Salman’s villa. Ishaan and Siddhant enjoy Salman’s vanity tour. Salman scares Ishaan and Siddhant. He further decides to vent out at housemates. Salman Khan greets and talks about celebrating Halloween during Saam Dham Dand Bhed’s session. He talks about elimination. Salman tells inmates to celebrate Halloween. Inmates decked up as per horror special. Salman performs a task with Abdu. He asks Abdu to give the desired tag to the contender. Abdu performs the task. Abdu gives a disrespectful tag to Sumbul. He chooses Shalin to give bad heart tag. Abdu gives a boring tag to Tina. He gives a liar tag to Priyanka and no brain tag to Ankit. Salman praised Abdu’s performance in the task. He further gives a Daam task to inmates.

Salman gives an opportunity to Nimrit to shift to Shiv’s room by giving up the ration of her recent room. Nimrit refuses to pay off. Salman gives the choice to Gautam to become captain of the house by giving upon the ration of the house. Gautam refuses to pay. Salman asks Gautam to take his time. Gautam chose to become captain over keeping everyone hungry. Nimrit and the inmates get mad over Gautam for choosing captaincy over ration. Sajid gets angry. Inmates find Gautam’s decision worthless. Archana says to Gautam he lost her respect. Sajid breaks the glass and gets angry. Stan and Shiv control Sajid. Soundarya understands Gautam. She consoles Gautam. Archana screams at Gautam to keep them hungry. Soundarya defends Gautam. Priyanka asks Gautam to save himself from elimination and takes the decision.

Then in Bigg Boss, inmates refuse to accept Gautam’s captaincy. Gautam says everyone is playing selfish thus he thought about himself. Sajid talks with Ankit and Stan. He says Gautam made the wrong decision. Abdu gets angry with Gautam. Gautam talks with Priyanka and Soundarya. Priyanka tries to convince Gautam to step back. Inmates’ claim Gautam wanted to get saved from nomination thus he took the captaincy. Bigg Boss asks Gautam to keep the ration in the store room and take over the captain’s room. Gautam requests Bigg Boss to reverse his decision. Bigg Boss congratulated Gautam for becoming the new captain of the house. Archana cries. Ankit and Priyanka console Archana. They ask Archana not to waste her energy or she will get hungry.

Abdu calls Gautam’s stupid. Soundarya supports Gautam. Sajid assures Abdu that he will not sleep hungry no matter what. Tina gets angry at Shalin for involving Gautam in their conversation. Gautam begs Bigg Boss to reverse his decision. Nimrit says to Tina that she doesn’t want Gautam’s favour as he is begging to reverse his decision. Soundarya talks with Gautam and says inmates are reacting as if Bigg Boss will not send ration again. Salman meets inmates and asks them not to react to Gautam’s decision as it is a game. Gautam regretted his decision. Salman asks Gautam if he wants to become a captain or not. Gautam says he wants to become a captain but not like this. Salman says it doesn’t matter as he is a captain now. Salman says Gautam sacrificed a one week ration of others to become captain. Soundarya says she is standing with Gautam.

Later in Bigg Boss, Salman explains to Gautam that none will sacrifice ration for him then why he is thinking so much about others. He asks Gautam to stand by his decision. Gautam says he owns his decision. Furthermore, Salman says Gautam is evicted. Inmates panic except Sajid, Archana, Shiv, Abdu and Stan. He discloses later that Gautam is saved. Salman says everyone claims Abdu is strong and will not get evicted but he is going home. Nimrit cries for Abdu. Next, Salman says that there will be no elimination this week. Salman welcomed Katrina Kaif on the stage. Katrina enjoys with Salman. Salman promotes Katrina’s upcoming movie phone booth. Katrina performs a task with Salman. Both dance together on tip tip barsa pani. Katrina welcomes Siddhant and Ishaan. Salman performs a task with Ishaan and Siddhant.

Lastly in Bigg Boss, Ishaan and Siddhant enter the house. They meet inmates. Salman and Katrina decide to instruct Ishaan and Siddhant from the stage. Ishaan and Siddhant perform a task to uplift the mood of inmates. Katrina meets inmates and promotes a phone bhoot movie. Ishaan, Siddhant and Katrina give inmates a chance to punish other contenders. Most of the Inmates punish Gautam. Shiv takes Shalin’s name. Stan punishes Archana. Gautam punishes Nimrit. Soundarya punishes Shiv. Shalin punishes Tina for crushing on Siddhant. Siddhant does rap with Stan. Ishaan dances with Shiv. Bigg Boss asks inmates to have food for tonight. Nimrit, Archana, Shiv and Abdu fetch the food. Stan talks with Gori and says he hates Gautam. He adds Gautam is not regretting his decision. Soundarya stands by Gautam. Sajid decides to teach a lesson to Gautam. Inmates decide to ruin Gautam’s captaincy. Shiv, Sajid and Stan discuss Gautam. Archana talks with Priyanka and says Gautam is a coward. Gautam talks with Soundarya and says the task was given to show everyone’s true colour. Lastly, Gautam decides to sort out the issue created by him.

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