Today’s Imlie episode starts with Punit’s parents trying to leave the venue saying that Parul humiliated them and Imlie arrives with Parul. Everyone is shocked to see them. Imlie takes Punit inside with Parul. Imlie and Parul tell the truth to him and Parul says if he wants to cancel this wedding due to her fault then he is free to do it. But she wants to rectify her mistakes. Punit gets impressed and says he liked her honesty and he started loving her. He thanks Imlie and says he will keep this matter between the three of them only. Rudra gets upset with Atharv’s behavior and he complains to Devika that why he gets involved in such cases. Shivani tells him to ask Atharv instead of taunting Devika. Chini says Imlie is an expert at lecturing others. What was the need to give advice? Narmada says if Parul’s wedding gets canceled because of Imlie then she won’t spare her.

Then in Imlie, Arpita says that won’t happen. Punit tells everyone why no one is dancing at his wedding. Chini gets shocked. Parul apologizes to Punit’s parents for leaving all of a sudden. They ask her what the reason was. Chini fears Parul will take her name. Imlie lies that Parul’s sandals got stolen because of her and they went out to buy them. Imlie gives credit to Atharv for catching the thief and saving the muhurat. Atharv smiles and Shivani feels good and tells Rudra that he should be proud of his son. Chini feels jealous that Imlie won over her again. Atharv is about to go after Chini and Devika praises Atharv by taking his nickname Atthu. He tells her not to embarrass him by that name. Rudra praises Imlie for her act and good nature. She is about to touch his feet but he stops her. She sees his feet got injured, so she makes him sit and applies turmeric on them.

Later in Imlie, Akash and his wife look at them and his wife says it seems Rudra will choose Imlie for Atharv the way he is looking impressed by her. But a girl like Chini would be perfect for Atharv. Akash says Rudra is determined to change Atharv. Punit and Parul get married and she thanks Imlie for saving her life. Imlie recites an emotional poem about Vidaai and Narmada says some parents are lucky to perform vidaai ritual for their daughter but some daughters are such that their parents die because of them. Imlie gets disheartened hearing the taunt. Chini is sitting outside and Atharv comes to her. She thinks about why he helped Imlie and she can’t even blame him else he will feel she was behind Parul’s elopement. She starts acting that because of her Parul’s life would have been destroyed. Atharv says if she is thinking about him, then it’s okay.

Lastly in Imlie, Atharv says she should not blame herself. She says she only thought about love and tried to unite Parul and her lover. But that love was not true. Atharv’s parents talk about Imlie who can fix Atharv. Rudra says he is proud that Atharv helped Imlie. They think of getting him married to her. Atharv tells Chini that she is so beautiful and she can’t think wrong about others. If she can do so much for love, that defines her good nature. Chini smirks thinking now she is safe and no one will be able to blame her. He says he won’t reveal her truth to anyone. Imlie goes to take the newspaper in the morning, Narmada stops her and snatches the paper saying she already killed her parents and now she won’t let Imlie touch the Bhaskar Times newspaper which was the sign of Imlie and Aryan’s hard work. She calls Imlie bad luck to their family. Imlie gets emotional.

Picture Credit- Hotstar