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In Ishq Mein Marjawan Written Update, Season02 Episode 101 3rd November 2020, we see that Vansh says that it is a special day as he will be ending Ragini's chapter and then he and Ridhima can start a new life together.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Written Update S02 Ep 101 3rd November 2020: Ridhima to challenge Vansh

The episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 starts with Kabir checking Ridhima’s voice message. He thinks that if Ragini is alive then Vansh won’t be proved criminal and his plan will fail. Kabir calls and asks how she knows Ragini is alive. Anupriya is on the call and is shocked. Ridhima falls from the bed. Maid sees her and makes her sit on the couch.
Vansh says that there is a special reason to keep her in this place. He holds Ragini’s hand and says that his heart is beating for a special reason. Ridhima wakes up. (it was a dream)

Ridhima says her legs are working and decides to call Kabir. She notices the phone is in water. Ridhima sees a note it says that meet me at the poolside. Ridhima goes to meet Kabir. Ridhima is about to say Kabir suddenly she sees Vansh. Vansh asks her that they don’t have a member in their family whose name starts with K. Ridhima says that she was about to say Kaun Hai but then she sees Vansh.

Ridhima tries to give a message to Kabir. Anupriya says that Vansh is trying to stop Ridhima so that she can’t reach to Ragini.

At night, Vansh is digging a grave. We learn that Ragini will be unconscious for the next 24 hours. Ridhima thinks Vansh is planning to kill Ragini. Ragini asks Ridhima to help her.
The next morning, Vansh tells Ridhima that he should look different today as he will be taking his revenge. He will be ending Ragini’s chapter.

Precap: Ridhima hits a doctor and wears his clothes. Ridhima meets Kabir, and they are going for Ragini.

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