Today’s episode of 15 September 2019 Kawach Mahashivratri begins with Sandhya asking Ruhi to show what she had seen? To that Ruhi tells her that she saw something beneath the bed. Than Checking there Angad says that there is nobody here. But Ruhi Says that she saw something and someone was there her for sure as a yellow liquid felt on her face. Then she says that when I was checking under the bed someone was breathing heavily. To that Kiran says to there is no need to worry. Than Sandhya tells that even she felt a similar thing, when she woke up and Angad was not there beside her, so she came out and heard Ruhi screaming. Everyone left the room. Ruhi tells Angad to keep the door open. Sandhya and Prem are in the house temple. Sandhya sees prem looking at halwa. Sandhya than tells to Prem that you won’t get the Halwa as Shivji will have it. To that Prem says, than Shivji will become Fat. Sandhya hearing him starts laughing and gives Halwa to Prem. She says that now you will become fat.

Than Sandhya enters her room and keeps Halwa for her Husband Angad. Than Angad comes to the room and he directly pulls Sandhya towards him. Angad asks her if she saw the ghost in him. To that, she says that do not say anything for a Hero like my Husband. Than Angad grabs her and is about to kiss her but Malini calls Sandhya and she leaves from there. Angad than spots the Halwa there. He takes the Halwa Bowl but as he takes it he feels it hot. He thinks that Sandhya has served him Hot Halwa because he feels burning sensation to his Hands.

Then there is Kartik Shown, who is checking on Google about Bhao, Pret, Shaitaan and Bhoot. Than Rekha tells Kartik that try some different combination. To that Kartik tells Rekha that he tried different combinations but did not find any information regarding it. Sandhya than comes and gives Prasad to Kartik and Rekha. Than Sandhya says maybe this bhao is not known by anyone and tells that he had sent two ghosts till now, Shakini and Dubi and tells that he controls many ghosts, so he never came in front of us. Also, Sandhya says that we have to find out a family which is been attacked by Bhao. To that Rekha tells that we have to do something as soon as possible. Sandhya than says that she feels and can sense that something is going to take place.Than there enters Prem’s Tutor Vishal and he flirts with Ruhi.Than Vishal is seen to Act as Ghost as he passes the Suraksha Chakra. Than he Hold’s the Hand of Ruhi and tells her I have returned, now it is your turn. He tries to suffocate Ruhi. By that time everyone comes there. Vishal suddenly behave causally and asks everyone what has happened? He says that he was just kidding. Ruhi Asks Vishal that is he mad to make jokes? To that Vishal tells her that he just wanted to make her smile. Than Sandhya tells him that Prem is in no mood to study today. Vishal says that it is ok. Ruhi than asks Vishal to stay there for tonight so that she will joke with him.Vishal than Asks Kartik about staying there. Kartik tells him that you can stay on your own risk but don’t tell that you were here for Prem.

Than Prem goes to Angad room and by seeing the Halwa there he asks him whether he can eat it. Angad than in signs tells him that he can eat it. Prem eats the Halwa and takes the ball.

He sees scratch marks on the door and shows to Angad. Angad touches it and feels electric shocks and his finger gets a burning sensation. Ruhi comes and tells that Vishal has come. Angad asks her to take Prem and send Sandhya and Rekha here. Sandhya and Rekha come there. Angad shows the marks to them. Sandhya says it might be of Shakini or Dubi. Angad to find out. Rekha keeps and on the marks and says whoever has made these marks come in-front of me. She finds herself in a dark room of Angad and Sandhya and the attacker attacks her. Rekha falls unconscious. Sandhya asks her to come in her senses and asks what is happening to Rekha. Rekha gains consciousness and says he was here only. Sandhya asks about the marks on her body. The marks disappear. Rekha tells that Shakini and Dubi got Mukti, so this part is very powerful than them. She says the press must be inside some family member’s body. Does Sandhya say how we will find out? Rekha says we will gather everyone and will make everyone have gangajal and says whoever has pret inside her, can’t drink. Angad looks at Rekha. Sandhya calls everyone and asks them to have gangajal. They all drink. Angad gives gangajal to Rekha. She drinks and steps inside the temple. Ruhi shows everyone that light is coming from Suraksha chakra. They all go towards the main door and see crows coming there and getting burnt by Suraksha Chakra.

Rekha says nobody can enter here. Ruhi asks did you lie to us? Rekha says no. Angad pretends to drink. Rekha’s condition deteriorates. Sandhya asks if she is fine. Rekha attacks Sandhya with her nails. Angad says Rekha has some bad soul in her. Karthik says we shall tie her before she attacks us and asks Usha to hold her. Angad brings the rope. Karthik ties her to the chair. Vishal says this is wrong, you are doing wrong with her and says if you don’t leave her then I will call Police. Karthik says police is standing in front of you. They beat each other. Angad asks Vishal to calm down. Sandhya stops Karthik. She asks everyone to rest and says Karthik and I will stay with Rekha. Rekha tells Sandhya that there is nobody inside her and asks her to believe her. Vishal asks Angad to leave her and says else I have to call Police. Angad asks him to stay with them for some time and believe himself. He says we will not harm Rekha and asks him to calm down. Rekha tells that she doesn’t know why and how this is happening with her. Angad comes to Sandhya. Sandhya tells that Rekha is not having the pret. Karthik says we shall not leave her. Sandhya says she is in pain because of us, says at least she will not feel the pain in her room. They lock her in a room.

Sandhya gets a call and tells Angad and Karthik that she has called Pandits and Doctor to know if there is a ghost effect or medical issue. Two Pandit Ji’s are going to Sandhya’s house. One of the Pandit tells the other that they shall not go and can’t solve their problem, says do you remember what happened with us yesterday. Other Pandit says we can at least try. The auto stops in which they are travelling and the driver gets down to repair it. Pandit Ji sees something and informs others. They hear Driver screaming and gets down from the auto. They see the driver becoming a ghost and run away.

Doctor checks Rekha and says maybe this is allergy and gives her injection. Rekha says there is nothing inside me. Karthik says Doctor don’t understand about this and tells that she is lying. Sandhya asks him to go out. Rekha asks her if she trusts her? Sandhya says why this is happening with you. Rekha says the pret who is in someone’s body wants to take me away from you as I can only help. The Panditji gets scared seeing the ghosts hanging on the tree and see a chained man (Bhao) standing with an axe in his hand and walking towards them. He kills them.

Ruhi tells that Pandits phone is off. Karthik says they should have reached here by now. Ruhi says I have a weird feeling that something wrong is going to happen. Angad feels sensation in his body and the yellow colour thing runs in her body. Sandhya tells Rekha that the ghost is in the family member, and asks her to find out. Rekha says ok. Sandhya says I don’t want to lose anyone. Angad gets long scary nails of a Dracula/ghost. Vishal tells Karthik that he will call Police. The constable calls Karthik and tells that they trace Pandit Ji’s location and came there. He says someone cut them into three pieces. Karthik asks what? Angad becomes the ghost. The written update of 14 September 2019 Kawach Mahashivratri ends here.