In today’s episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala we see Sikander get twp jobs one as a music mentor to a kid and other as a pianist in a restaurant.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 4 Sept 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Sikander gets two Jobs

Today’s episode of 4 Sept 2019 Kulfi Kumar Bajewala starts as we see Amyra requesting a contribution from the neighbors in English. One of the neighbors denies to help them with the money and Kulfi gets saddened.

Meanwhile, we get to see Sikander get a job as a music mentor to a small kid. He also sights a signboard in the restaurant about the requirement of a musician.

On the other hand, we see the kids get upset as all the neighbors disagree to giving any contribution. Kulfi has an idea to sell some old objects to get the money required.

Sikander also gets another job as a pianist in the restaurant he previously saw the signboard on. At the same time, Nihalo asks Lovely to talk sweetly with the jailor so that they acquire a job in a laundry section.

The idol seller shows Kulfi and her friends Bal Ganesha and many other idols but all these idols come with very high prices and that worries the kids.

Kulfi denies taking any simple idol for low prices. The seller gives them some mud from his village and tells them to put it near the Ganpati’s idol. Sikander receives some tips from costumers at the restaurant but accidentally it falls on the floor.

Meanwhile,we see Amyra give her footwear to Kulfi and Kulfi hugs her. Sikander comes and tells them that he will be helping them in bringing the idol and also tells them that they will be going out for lunch.

He also takes along other kids of the chawl as well and in the hotel, everyone orders low price dishes in order to save money. The written update of 04 Sept 2019 Kulfi Kumar Bajewala ends here.

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