Kundali Bhagya Written Update S-01 Ep-1341 30th September 2022: Srishti tells Sameer that Arjun likes her and she likes him too. Sameer feels jealous after seeing Srishti and Arjun together. Srishti and Arjun plan to make him more jealous.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update S-01 Ep-1341 30th September 2022: Srishti makes Sameer jealous

In today’s Kundali Bhagya episode, Arjun asks Preeta about Karan. She recalls Karan’s moments with her and tells Arjun that she can’t talk about Karan to him. Arjun asks her why and says that when everyone in the house can talk about Karan then why can’t she. Preeta says that she can talk with anyone about Karan but not with him. Arjun asks Preeta if she loved Karan or not. Preeta tells Arjun that only Karan was aware how much she loved him and she walks off from there. Arjun tells her that she did not love him at all because if she really loved her then she would not have married someone else just after a few days of Karan’s death. Preeta feels bad and leaves from there. Arjun gets angry and he decides to take revenge from Preeta and Rishabh for destroying his life and love. He says that today’s night will be the last happy night for Rishabh and Preeta. He will destroy them both.

Srishti meets Sameer and tells him that she has to share an important news with him. Sameer asks what it is. She says that she came to know from Preeta that Arjun likes her and she likes her too. Sameer gets shocked and asks her what she is saying. She tells him that Arjun doesn’t like Preeta or Anjali but only her. He tells her that he should understand that you are married. Then Shrishti sees Arjun and goes to speak with him. She tells him that she came to know that he likes her and she admits that she likes him too and she likes to spend time with him as she has positive vibes and he will never hurt anyone. Sameer feels jealous seeing them and takes Arjun from there for the press conference. Preeta goes into the room and gets emotional thinking why she also misses Karan when she is with Arjun and why can’t she stop thinking about Arjun. She has a breakdown.

The media asks Mahesh and Rishabh about their business collaboration with Arjun. Mahesh tells them that they feel Arjun is their family member and he treats them well as well so they are happy with the collaboration. Rakhi also says the same. The media asks that they had issues and rivalries before so how are they now becoming business partners. Rishabh clarified that they are not enemies and they are friends so they are handling the business together. Arjun comes there and says that let everyone think what they want to and they will deal with their stuff. Srishti tells the media to ask questions later and requests Mahesh and Rakhi to perform a lovely dance performance for everyone. They both perform a lovely dance. Arjun looks at Preeta and he imagines dancing along with Preeta and he feels happy. Back to reality, Arjun sees all the family members together with Preeta and he thinks about why he can’t stop thinking about Preeta even after all the happenings.

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