In today's episode of 02 Sept 2019 MTV Ace of Space, we see mastermind bring out the nominee list for the elimination.

MTV Ace of Space 02 Sept 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Surbhi Jyoti in the House

In the previous episode of MTV Ace of Space, we saw Surbhi Jyoti enter the house ina rocking way, she gets some beautiful dancing tips from Akshay Kakkar and also praises Manhar Seth for his wonderful poetry. The gala turns tensed as the Mastermind brings out the list of nominees for elimination. The list consisted of Nikita Bhamidipati, Rohit Singh Rajput, Nasir Khan, and Ohm Kaliraman. It was now up to them to prove themselves and get safe from the elimination.

Stay tuned for further updates of today’s episode!!!

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