Today’s episode of 03 Sept 2019 Sanjivani starts as we see Ishani gets drunk in her birthday party. All the doctors start dancing and enjoying themselves and while they all are dancing Ishani gets close to Sid.

The next morning, we see Asha getting suspicious of Sid liking Ishani. Sid recollects his past as he observes a girl inquiring about her father.

Later, Sid and Ishani deal with Dr. Shashank about the decision made by Vardhan. But, Shashank was helpless as all the reports showed that Sanjivani was undergoing financial difficulties. Sid takes Ishani’s help and asks her to flirt a little with the accounts handler to distracting him as he gets hold of the real accounts reports.

Vardhan confronts Shashank about the financial issues of Sanjivani and also tells him about some investor. After some time, we see Rishabh teasing Sid about disappearing from his own patients. He also says that Sid didn’t attend the patient because the girl didn’t have a father. He even calls him an illegitimate child and he won’t attend the case.

While Dr. Shashank tries to find peace watching the miracle of birth, Juhi joins him and tells him that they should not let Vardhan win in his cruel motives. On the other hand, Sid and Ishani tackle the case of a small girl with some eye problem. The written update of 03 Sept 2019 Sanjivani ends here.

In the upcoming episode, Ishani witnesses an emotional Sid while handling a patient.