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In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update 6th March 2020 episode Kartik is taken to hospital but is unconscious. Naira prays to God for Kartik and Kairav hugs Naira. Everybody in the family is worried about Kartik. Scared Mohan runs away

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik’s life in Danger?

The episode begins with Naira reaching the hospital and Kartik tells her to call Kairav. She tells him that she will call him when he will be fine. He says Kairav and falls unconscious. Jhaveri calls the truck driver and tells him to flee from the city. Manish overhears him and asks about fleeing but he lies that it’s his assistant. Manish understands he has some plan in his mind. Devyani tells Bhabimaa that they have to go to the hospital along with Kairav. Naira calls Manish and tells about the accident. Manish informs the family and is about to leave but Jhaveri tries to manipulate Goenka’s against Naira but they shut him up.

In the hospital Bhabhimaa and Trisha console Naira but she asks about Kairav. They tell Naira about him being in the car. Meanwhile, Kartik murmurs unconsciously that everything will be fine. Goenka’s reach there and Naira hugs Manish and cries. He consoles and says he won’t let anything happen to Kartik. The doctor says the situation is under control but he isn’t gaining consciousness and so have to shift him to the OT to do some tests. Naira asks if she can meet Kartik to which the doctor says it’s of no use. When Manish tells the doctor that we never know what may work, he allows Naira to see Kartik. She cries saying everybody is bearing the price in the fight she started. Kairav gets shocked seeing Kartik. Gayu blames herself but Samarth says that if Naira hadn’t filed a case nothing would have happened at all, Naira is wrong. Gayu says Naira is right and they all are wrong but he won’t understand. Suwarna and Dadi cry and Dadi says that if Naira didn’t get adamant about filing a case, nothing would have happened at all. Trisha hears that and cries. Naira prays for Kartik and Kairav goes near her, wipes her tears and apologizes and says I love you to Naira. Dadi scolds Trisha saying justice isn’t important if it breaks relations. She blames Trisha for being selfish.

Kairav prays for Kartik. Meanwhile, Jhaveri thinks if anybody gets to know of his involvement, it will be a big problem. He thinks to end the case by all means. Shivani goes to Naira and informs it was Jhaveri behind the accident. Naira determines to not space Jhaveri and punish him and to bring the truth out. Scared Mohan runs away and he is needed in the court. Naira says it’s natural for him to be scared and find another option and hunt for the tempo driver. Naksh gives Mohan’s photo to the guards.

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