In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update 9th March 2020 episode Jhaveri says that Naira is mentally unstable. The truck driver lies that Jhaveri didn’t tell him anything. Jhaveri says he won’t fight Goenka’s case. Everybody is shocked to know that the doctors are unsure if Kartik will ever walk again.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update 9th March 2020: Will Kartik ever walk?

The episode begins with Naira saying that she won’t lose and keep trying. Jhaveri says that Naira is mentally unstable and digs out her past in the court. Kartik comes and says absolutely not. Jhaveri signs to the driver. Kartik says that Naira isn’t lying, Jhaveri is. Luv, Kush and Abhishek and so Jhaveri wants to end the case soon. He adds that he remembers the drivers face well and it was Jhaveri behind the accident. The driver tries to run and constables caught him. The driver says that nobody told him to do that, it happened by mistake. Judge says Jhaveri won’t be charged for this, driver Hari will be charged a fine and its a separate case.

Naira thanks Kartik and hugs him. Shivani says that Jhaveri turned the game. Naira says he can’t lie for long. Meanwhile, Jhaveri acts saying he can’t fight the case as he is blamed for a murder. Manish says that he tried to prove Naira mad. Jhaveri tells Akhilesh that Luv-Kush aren’t Manish’s son and he won’t fight the case as everybody is blaming him. Surekha and Akhilesh worry. Naira says they have to find Mohan. Devyani tells Kartik that they should move to the hospital. Naira asks what’s the matter. Kartik says there is nothing to worry about. Devyani says Kartik is lying, the doctors said that they are unsure if Kartik will walk again. Everybody gets shocked. Dad cries. Vansh asks Kairav to pray. Kairav says will they be separated to which Vansh says that the fight is over and elders have patched up.

Dadi says nothing will get fine now and blames Naira for everything. Kartik says it’s not her mistake. She tells Kartik to ask Naira to stop everything. Kartik says he would do as she said if it was right. He says just like you love me and are hurt, so is Naira. Dadi says Naira dragged Kartik in the matter, to which he says that he himself got involved when he learned the truth. But Dadi continues to blame Naira.

Dadi says that Naira should get back to her senses or she will regret it. Naira cries and Kartik asks her to stop. They return to the hospital. He tells Naira not to blame herself and not lose hope. Gayu asks how can everyone blame Naira, no one thought about her. Surekha says a new lawyer would not work hard like Javeri. Manish says Javeri also wanted to win the case, Kartik said he had seen that man, there is no reason for any doubt. Naira thinks that Jhaveri will harm Kartik or Kairav but then thinks that a person supporting lie should be punished. Dadi says Shivani might be lying to win the case. Surekha says Jhaveri will save his son, but what about Luv and Kush. At the hospital, Kairav asks Kartik to walk. He apologizes saying he hurt his mother. Kartik says his mother loves him a lot and will fight anyone if he is right. Naira thinks she is responsible for everything.

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