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In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update Season 66 Episode109, we see that Kartik tells Naira that kids are not home and Akshara is sleeping, so they can have some time for themselves.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update S 66 Ep109 16th November 2020: Kartik and Naira’s romance

The episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update starts with Kairav making a painting.
Kartik tells Naira that Akshara slept early and now he can come to leave the kids to school. Kairav cries and calls Naira. Naira gets worried and rushes to Kairav’s room.

Kairav says that he spoiled the painting. Kairav asks if they will punish him.
Naira tells Kairav that the paint fell by mistake and they will not punish him as it was done by mistake and not on purpose. Naira tells Kairav that they will make the painting again.

Kartik tells Manish that the presentation is ready. Manish asks him to come to the office and present. Kartik asks them ahead whether he will drop the kids to school and come to the office before the presentation. Manish gets angry when Kartik is not paying attention to his work and keeps spending all his time with the kids.

Kartik and Naira drop the kids to school. Kartik tells Krishna that if someone misbehaves with her or she does not understand anything, then she can ask the teacher. Kids go inside the school. Naira realises that Kairav forgot his paintbox. Naira asks Kartik to hold Akshara while she gives the box to Kairav.

Naira walks inside the school and sees a senior troubling a small boy. Naira scolds him and says that she will complain to the teacher. The boys ask her to mind her own business. Naira says that she will complain to the principal. The boy apologises and says that he will never do it again.

Naira goes to Kairav and gives him the paintbox. The boys plan to take revenge by targeting Kairav.
Zo comes to Kairav and asks if he wants to be a part of his group. Kairav says yes as Vansh and Krish insist him to say yes. Zo tells Kairav that he has to do a task.

Later, Kartik and Naira are having a sweet moment together. Kartik asks Naira to kiss him. Naira says that kids are about to come. Kartik insists Naira to kiss him.
Kids are back home. Kairav asks Kartik and Naira if they took any challenges in life. They say yes and tell him that it is important to face the challenge as it makes us strong.

Precap: Zo asks Kairav to steal Manish’s gun.

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