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Candid chat with Shweta Rohira

Stage is my playground: Shweta Rohira

Salman Khan’s rakhi sister, Shweta Rohira, is loving her stage stint. At the moment, she is doing 2 plays – That’s My Girl and Blind Date.

“Both are poles apart. While the former English play, talking about a father-daughter relationship, has been running for over a year (30 shows), I have just entered the latter Hindi love triangle, also starring TV actor Karan Sharma (done 2 shows),” she added.

“At first, I was not sure if I would be able to juggle both, but then we actors are blessed to play different characters. So I would love to take up a third as well.”

“I am trying to take a leaf from Rishi Kapoorji’s book, who said that a true actor is someone who is able to get into character, the moment he or she lands on the set. The thespian added in his book, that today actors talk about getting into the skin of their character, but back in our time, we have successfully juggled three shifts, meaning 3 different films in the same day.”

“I love stage. Call it my playground, for there is so much to learn. On stage, I forget everything and just go with the flow. No wonder once its over, I will not remember what will happen, having surrendered to that moment and audience.”

“Unlike TV and films, where you only have one/two camera set-up, here you have a live audience of 800 people watching your every move. Also, there is no liberty of retakes,” says this ex-wife of actor Pulkit Samrat.

“Also, every show is different. Although the lines and plots are same, the reacting audience is different. Eg, certain people laugh at particular dialogues while others may give a different emotion.”

Shweta has learnt a lot from both director Bharat Dhabolkar and co-actor Anant Mahadevan during the course of That’s My Girl. “While ad guru Bharat Sir is funnier, Anant Sir is more serious.” Looking ahead, Shweta is open to other mediums as well. “For me, the character is above everything, for I have to justify her.” Apart from theatre, she has done several short films as well.

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