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5 Things to Know About CarryMinati CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar)

We all know this guy by now, the one who blew up a storm on the Internet. That is TikTok Vs YouTube, Carry has been making headlines since the past few days; with TikTok ratings dropped it’s been quite a hullabaloo.

Ajey Nagar, known as CarryMinati had begun his career as a gamer, he used to display his gaming videos on his channel and expanded a humongous fan base in the virtual world. Later he introduced himself as Carry Minati and started making Roast videos. His success shows how he has related to the youth with his content. He introduced Roasting to India. He has boggled us with his humour.

  1. At first, the name of his channel was AddictedA1, later CarryDeol and eventually CarryMinati.
  2. He has earned 5 YouTube creator awards till date.
  3. CarryMinati’s “ROASTING BB KI VINES” video was the first one to cross 100,000 views
  4. Dhinchak Pooja challenged CarryMinati openly on Facebook
  5. CarryMinati is a professional gamer.

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