Nikita Dutta talks about her show Aafat on MX Player

Aafat addresses simple issues but it will hit hard: Nikita Dutta

Young and energetic Nikita Dutta, who has enchanted audience in show like Ek Duje Ke Vaste, is seen in MX Player’s series Aafat, a story of five beautiful girls with five unusual eccentricities and one common problem – being stereotyped.

Five prospective women who would suit any man on earth, but each of these firebrands have a unique quirk that many believe to be imperfections.

Talking about her character, Nikita shares, “I am playing the character of Titli, a talented entrepreneur, but her scorecard is flawed as she is a divorcee. She is a girl who gets married at a young age but due to some problems she gets divorced within 6 months of her marriage.”

When we ask does she believe the show will give a social message, she avers, “I think more than social message, a lot people will go through a state of realisation. There are a lot of norms and preconceive notions which we humans have set for ourselves and for the society which are wrong and those things will hit you when you watch the series.”

Commenting on the USP of the Aafat, she adds, “When feminism is addressed, content makers pick up very massive issues. The content on digital has gone too serious. Aafat addresses simple issues and most basic ones that nobody has thought of. When you will watch it, it will hit you. This would be the USP of the series.”

Nikita has worked on both the platforms – TV and Digital. Talking about her preference, she says, “Be it TV or Web, I don’t have preferences. Of course both have its good and bad. TV is more TRP driven. Whatever you do after a point of time is to please the audience. With web series the good part is that the concept you have in mind, you put it out there. If it’s taken well then you come up with a season 2 otherwise you stop it. Here you stick to what you have planned.”

The actress ends, “I am a chic-flick and rom-com kind of a person. I prefer drama and comedy shows. I liked watching  Little Things.”

Good luck girl!

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