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Ajey Nagar’s CarryMinati: The Most Talked About Youtube Channel In 2020

Well, if you are a regular user of social media and OTT platforms, then you probably have heard of the war, YouTube VS TikTok! Well, the war that has been lightened up by CarryMinati, through his YouTube channel, where uploaded a roast video, YouTube vs TikTok, where he roasted the TikToker named, Amir Siddiqui. The video instrumented a lot of debate, some of them were constructive and some preposterous! The video got over 70million views, about to hit world record, but was taken down by YouTube, as it was stated that video was violating community guidelines, and was marked as a cyberbullying case.

Carry was all over the news, and was vehemently criticised by many other creators but also got immense support and love from his fans. Carry also uploaded a rap video, named Yalgaar, on his YouTube channel, as a response to the taking down of his video. The video got more than 100million views in just 4 days, and Carry earned 21million subscribers within those perfect hours!

With that, it is no wonder that he will be the most talked YouTuber in 2020. And after the TikTok ban, Carry’s words and rants are getting more viral every day. And he is worth it, all the hard work is paying off!

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