Let’s find out if you know Bhuvan Bam to the core.

Answer These Questions: How Well Do You Know Bhuvan Bam?

Bhuvan Bam has been one of the most adored YouTubers in the country. Millennials consider him as one of the best Viners in the country. He has earned millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel. He has wowed us with great grand videos on YouTube as well. He has been a true inspiration to the youth of the country.

BB’s fans are absolutely crazy about him, undoubtedly. And therefore, we are here today with some of the trickiest questions, that we want you to answer. And if you get them all correct, then you might boast around saying, you are the Jabra BB fan!

1. Which was the restaurant where he took the job of a singer?

2. How did BB Ki Vines start?

3. Which was the first-ever video, he created?

4. When did he win best short film award?

Let us know the answers in the comments below.

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