Aditya Lal, the actor from Delhi is one rising star who seems to be getting the best of things on the OTT platform.

The year has been supremely cherishing for Aditya who has been appreciated for his portrayals in the two web-series, Asur and Fittrat.

Now, Aditya has bagged a plump role in the Season 2 of the much-anticipated series on ALTBalaji, Apharan – Sabka Katega, produced by Ding Entertainment.

This will be a hat-trick of sorts for Aditya with respect to his association with Producer Tanveer Bookwala. After his menacing killer role in Asur and the eye-candy role in Fittrat, Aditya will be seen in a totally new avatar in Apharan 2.

Says Aditya, “My role in Apharan 2 will be something different from what I have played till now. I don’t want to give away too much. All I can say is that people will see me in a new streak, very different from what I played in Fittrat and Asur. I will look different, talk differently in Apharan 2.”

Ask him if he plays the good guy or the baddie and he says, “Well, bit of the both.”

Talking about his association with Tanveer, Aditya avers, “This is my third show with him. Tanveer is like everything for me at the moment. I have been in this industry for four years. I used to get signed for roles, but unfortunately just before the shoot would start, I would get replaced for some reason or the other.”

“I was about to quit acting honestly, when things started to roll in my favour. I decided to try out something different. You will not believe, within 10 days of this thought coming in mind, Tanveer came into my life and I bagged both shows Asur and Fittrat. Within two weeks, I was shooting for both the series simultaneously. So Tanveer is like family (smiles).”

“It is a strong trust that lies between the Producer/ Director and actor. I don’t even ask more about the role before taking it on. Also, the team of Apharan has mostly the team of Fittrat. So I am in good hands.”

Tell him that the second seasons of both Fittrat and Asur are in the pipeline, and he says, “Yes, both are certainly in the pipeline. However, the lockdown has slowed things to an extent. Let’s hope the New Year brings more work.”