Madrasi Da is a standup comedy show by Aravind SA. This solo comedy show breakdown horrible stereotypes about Chennai. The duration of the show is 1 hour 9 minutes.

Arvind Sa: Madrasi Da & Comedy King

As Aravind is himself Chennai based post-graduate in film making, he knows what it takes to be a successful stand-up comedian. He left his job as an assistant director to pursue stand up comedy. He is very well aware that frustration is the common trait that binds all the country’s comedian especially in India where every genre of professionals is frustrated, be it engineers or assistant directors.

His first-ever solo stand-up comedy show title Madrasi Da was held in July 2015 and the tickets for the same sold like hot dosa because his jokes usually revolve around the eccentricity of Tamilians. the show revolves around the concept of how the rest of the nation perceives Tamilians’ stupidity. In this show, Aravind breaks down a few of the stereotypes about Chennai and its people. He also talked about why Tamil don’t speak Hindi.

In the show, he has also made mimicry of the song lungi dance which according to him has not done justice to Chennai or Tamilians.

He also tends to break down the stereotypes created by Hindi film regarding Tamilians and their dress code.

This internet sensation has done quite several shows for Evam. He has been doing shows all around the world especially in Australia and New Zealand. And the crowd has loved him everywhere he goes. The fans have titled him truly the comedy king. His South Indian accent is the icing on the cake which adds more comedy to his acts making them a lot more humorous and hilarious. He began the standup revolution in South India at dingy pubs and sparsely filled clubs because the society of South Indian is marked by engineers and doctors mostly. His good jokes, like viruses, became infectious, and once they went viral, Aravind became the path breaker for careers in South India bringing comedy in limelight as well paying career options too.

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