Sakht Launda aka Zakir Khan is one of our favorite comedians ever. And here’s why..

All the best moments of Comic King, Zakir Khan

Stand-up comedian, writer, presenter, actor, shayar and sitar player – Zakir Khan is one talented man! This comedian can do it all. One moment he can make you laugh out loud and the next, he will make you contemplate life.

He is one of the best stand-up comedians in India. If there’s a comedian that everyone loves and adores, it’s Zakir Khan. With his simple yet bang on comedy on all everyday things, he never fails to deliver.

Along with doing live stand-up comedy, Zakir has also done comedy specials on Amazon Prime which include Haq Se Single, Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare and the most recent one Kaksha Gyarvi.
Over the years Zakir has delivered some of the best rib-tickling moments through his stand-ups. We bring to you a few of his best moments that had us LOL!
All the best moments of Comic King, Zakir Khan
1. Coz Mom and Dad know us best!
Mummy Papa na, alag hi nazar se dekhte hai tumhe. Papa log tumko teen saal aage dekhte hai – ‘Ye Kar raha hai mazze’. Aur Mummy tumhe das saal peechhe dekh rahi hoti hai – ‘Nahaya nai na tu aaj bhi’

2. The mechanics of setting the room at just the right temperature
AC maine kardiya meetha-meetha baees pe. Baees kaise sabse pyaara hai… chaubees ki tarah garam nai hai aur ikkees ki tarah chubta nai hai. Sweet spot.
All the best moments of Comic King, Zakir Khan 1
3. Every break up story
Jab breakup hota hai aur pyaar hota hai na, ek ch*tiya cheez hoti hai – Tumhe na, gaanon ki lyrics samajh mein aane lag jaati hai

4. His best one yet. A proud singleton, are you?
Ishq Kiya tha haq se kiya tha, Single bhi rahenge toh haq se rahenge

5. When Zakir spoke the sad truth
We are a generation of broken heart and broken people

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