Bhuvan Bam the Indian PewDiePie has yet again struck his magic, by being crowned the Influencer of the week.

Bhuvan Bam is our Influencer of the week

Bhuvan Bam has captured the attention of the audiences and taken control of our hearts yet again. His humour and wit have been the talk of the town. And, no surprises, but he has now been crowned the Influencer of the week here at IWMBuzz. This is not the first time that Bhuvan has won this award and we are absolutely certain it won’t be the last. His work profile and portfolio have never looked better, which is why congratulations are in order.

Bhuvan’s amazing personality and his great hold on the masses is what has gotten him so far. He has made it this far all by himself, even though his modesty won’t allow him to accept it. Bhuvan is a self-made man more than anything. His work ethic and creative production is second to none. He has made himself more accessible to his success than any other digital personality in the country. He has achieved every milestone in his life with sheer grit and conviction, something that many lack. Even though this award may well be a small stud in a massive gallery, it is an award that he deserves.

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