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Read to know the unknown facts of Rose from Blackpink

BLACKPINK Rose: 24 Unknown Facts!

Roseanne Park, also known as Rosé, is a New Zealand vocalist and dancer, based in South Korea. Rose became a part of the YG Entertainment and likewise made her debut as a lead singer in the group Blackpink.

According to the, here are the 24 unknown facts of Rose, the cutest and the most talented member of Blackpink!

1. She is the lead singer of the group, Blackpink.

2. She is the second youngest star in the group.

3. She got featured in G-Dragon’s “Without You”, five months after joining YG, and nailed her part there.

4. G-Dragon said that he really loves her voice and called her unique.

5. She is the tallest amongst all the members in the group.

6. Her name Rosé is articulated as a browser.

7. She leans towards it when individuals call her by her actual name, Chaeyoung.

8. She is also called as Rose, Rosie, and Pasta.

9. She has a sister named Alice, who is 4 years older.

10. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

11. Her Chinese zodiac sign is Ox.

12. She loves perfumes.

13. Rosé’s loves this phrase “More of you, less of me”.

14. Her favourite song from Square Up is “See You Later”

15. She doesn’t like irritating people.

16. Music makes her soul happy, and when she sings, she becomes really happy about it.

17. She can communicate in Korean, English, and Japanese.

18. She is extremely sensitive and emotional.

19. Jisoo said Rosé cries when the food she is eating is great.

20. If Rosé could be any Disney princess, she would be Ariel.

21. She is a big fan of Disney films and characters.

22. Her leisure activities are drawing and playing the guitar.

23. She can play the guitar and piano.

24. She becomes tired when she sits idle, she is always active

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