Read to know if CarryMinati is better than Amir Siddiqui 

Is CarryMinati Better Than Amir Siddiqui?

With all the preposterous debate happening globally on TikTok and YouTube and which is better, it is absolutely not unknown that the discourse would come in front, that who is better Carry or Amir Siddiqui. Well, it was no war since the beginning! We made it a war; period. CarryMinati is professional Rant-man who roasts people because that is what his channel made for. Likewise, Amir Siddiqui is a TikTok star and we love watching his videos. Both are immensely talented and belong to different genres altogether.

CarryMinati was a gamer, and his channel was termed as to be a gaming channel; later on, he shifted his content to roasting. He is well-known for his Hindi commentary. He has roasted several celebrities, like Deepak Kalal, Dhinchak Pooja concerning their content. But one thing that he made clear was, he had nothing against them on a personal parameter. CarryMinati has gotten a humongous fanbase and has earned more than 21million subscribers on YouTube. As of now, he has uploaded Yalgaar rap video in response to YouTube’s taking down of his colossal video YouTube Vs TikTok. The Yalgaar video has gotten over 90million views.

Amir Siddiqui, the TikTok star, is famous for his comedy TikTok videos. He is adored by the youth of the country. He is the founder of Team Nawab. He has been on the news after the YouTube Vs TikTok controversy. As per sources, Amir is not just a TikTok star but a doctor too. He has gotten recognition all across the country for his hard work and effort. We love him to the core and wish him all the best!

So who is better? Let us know.

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