CarryIsLive finally completes 2 million subscribers on YouTube

CarryMinati hits 2 million subscribers on ‘CarryIsLive’

CarryMinati is one of the most famous YouTubers in India, known in the real world as Ajey Nagar. His YouTube roast videos have made him an absolute hit with his audiences.

He was received a lot of love from his fans, and of course, a lot of hate as well. But this hate and negative comments didn’t stop him from achieving what he wanted and wished to do. This approach of his has made him one of the most famous YouTubers in the country.

Only a few months after Ajey’s YouTube career had begun, he started a new gaming channel on YouTube, which he named ‘CarryIsLive’.

On CarryIsLive, he live-streams himself playing video games, adding his unique style of commentary, which again made this channel a great success, and today he has garnered a milestone 2 million subscribers for ‘CarryIsLive’.

Heartiest congratulations on your success, CarryMinati, and good luck for your future!

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