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Check to know about CarryMinati’s family

CarryMinati’s Family Details REVEALED

CarryMinati aka Ajey Nagar is one of the prominent YouTubers as of now. He has earned above 21 million subscribers on YouTube. He is one of the topmost subscribed YouTuber on the Indian YouTube scene. He is termed as the best rant-man in India. His recent controversial viral video, YouTube Vs TikTok has gotten him a huge number of followers and fans so far. But the video was taken down by YouTube and he made one of his hit rap videos, Yalgaar. The video got over 100million views in just 3days of its release.

And today we are here with his family details. According to the media reports, he has a brother Yash Nagar who is also known Wily Frenzy. He is also a YouTuber, who is a DJ/ record producer. With whom he collaborated to make some of his best songs.

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