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Shell-Shocked Celina Jaitley Loses Twitter Followers by Thousands

Celina Jaitley’s Twitter followership takes a hit

This week Celina Jaitley who lives in Austria with her husband and children, woke up to a rude shock when her followers on Twitter began to drop off by thousands.

Puzzled and agitated Celina is trying to wrap her head around the sudden happening. “I and my team have been trying to figure why out of the blue Twitter started dropping my accounts followers by thousands. Considering the fact that we are getting new follower-alerts by hundreds every day it is really strange.”

Celina has never had a problem on Twitter or any unsavoury controversy on social media.

“I know that Twitter once in a while cleans any dormant account. But shouldn’t be removing by counts of thousands. After all social media and organic followers are an asset specifically in times of information technology. It is saddening to see this happen without any explanation.”

A similar massive cleaning-up had occurred in Amitabh Bachchan’s Twitter account some months ago. Celina feels this sudden vacuuming of the account to be more unfair to the followers than the account-holding celebrity. “It’s sad to see followers go by the thousand, they are fans and followers as a spokesperson of many causes it’s important to have as many people as possible to disperse information and help

She intends to take up the issue with the Twitter authorities. “I don’t want to ask for an explanation on Twitter. My office will connect with them post lockdown. It would be nice to have clarity.

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