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Nikitin Dheer speaks to IWMBuzz on his new show Raktanchal, his Chennai Express experience and more...

Chennai Express is special, the larger than life image will forever remain endearing: Nikitin Dheer

The burly and talented Nikitin Dheer, who had impressed one and all with his performances both on the small (Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 5 and Naagarjuna – Ek Yoddha) and big screen ( Jodha Akbar and Houseful 3), has now also ventured into the web space with MX Player’s period drama Raktanchal. IWMBuzz had a quick chat with him about the above new series, the web ecosystem and his career. Excerpt:

Any quick info on what we can expect in Raktanchal?

It is an original story based on the mafia wars of yesteryears in Uttar Pradesh (so kind of historical journey). I love my edgy character.

Of late, many OTTs have focused on the badlands of central India, what new will your series offer?

We deal with all kinds of genres including romantic comedy and marital conflict, as well As far mafia themed, is concerned our only common strand with the rest would be the use of distinct flavour in terms of regional dialect (we only have 2/3 Hindi variants). Above all, we are not preaching any moral lessons. It is also not based on any real-life figure, just a figment of imagination for your entertainment.

Your take on the web format, per se?

This medium of the future allows actors and technicians a vast global platform to showcase their talent. The icing on the cake is that digital uses multiple sub formats such as shorts or one-hour episode which suits our storytelling. And OTT biggies like MX Player lead the pack by offering premium content free of cost. They also go all guns blazing with treatment and production values.

You have done all the three mediums be it films, TV and now digital? Which is better?

As an actor, the creative output remains the same. It is not that we put more effort into film lesser on web and least on TV.

Does doing films change the ball game for any actor?

Not for me. As an artist, I have always believed that art is more significant than the medium. I regard myself fortunate to have been able to connect with my fans across diverse media.

Your best acting innings so far?

Chennai Express any day for it not only showed me in a significantly larger than life image but also endeared me to my fans, especially kids.

Any chances of seeing you back on the tube after Naagin3?

For the moment I have my hands full once the lockdown lifts we will shoot season two of Raktanchal, plus there are two more films in the pipeline.

What are you picking up from the grapevine regarding industry rebooting?

No clue as the government is yet to come out with specific guidelines, it might still take a while given how bad Mumbai has been hit by COVID -19. To add to it cough and fever, which are bye products of the upcoming rains will further muddy the waters. How we can effectively maintain social distancing would alone decide the pace and extent of the restart.

Any dope on the release of Akshay Kumar hit film Sooryavanshi of which you are an essential part?


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