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Mithila Palkar is a youth icon in the true sense and this Ted Talk lady has time and again won our hearts with her performances in the web space.

A dose of Mithila Palkar being cute to instantly brighten your day

It’s been only two years since Mithila Palkar has joined the industry and in such a short span, she has been able to create a fan base that will make a lot of people wonder what they are doing with their lives and why are they not taking a leap towards their passion! This young lady has even appeared on Ted Talk where she explicitly discussed how it was okay to not have a future plan! She gave her example and inspired audiences to find their passion at their pace, follow their heart and see where that leads!

From doing a few web series to a large number of videos, a number of commercials and one Hindi film, she has become a household brand as the cute and genuinely relatable woman and an urban homely ambassador who represents women all over India.

A dose of her cuteness will be enough to give you diabetes, well not literally but that is how sweet and cute she really is. The cutest thing about her is her curly hair and the natural aura about her that she doesn’t let artificial get-ups and over-the-counter makeup spoil for her ever. But believe us when we say there’s much more to her cuteness than just the curly hair and her genuineness.

Her range of online series will also give you a dose of absolute cuteness which you will not be able to resist, because she is just that good in front of the camera. It’s almost as if she was born to bring herself in front of the camera and sparkle and dazzle brighter than anyone else out there.

This ‘Little Things’ actress will always be in everyone’s heart and we can’t wait to see how her upcoming Netflix movie Chopsticks fares.

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