Candid chat with TikTok star Aashiv Midha

Everyone is following the trend and I am trying to change the trend: TikTok star Aashiv Midha

Digital star Aashiv Midha creates comedy videos on different platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. He is adored and loved by his fans, not just for his TikTok videos, but also for his fashion sense, his hot looks, his cute smile, and his dashing personality. Aashiv’s style and avatars are getting a lot of attention and he is the internet’s new crush.

In an exclusive conversation with, he talks about his journey, the digital platform and more….

To begin with, how does it feel to be a digital star?

It feels really good and special to be what I always wanted to. I love it when someone comes to me asking for a selfie and when they appreciate my work. However, I am still working really hard to achieve my goals.

Describe life before and after being a YouTuber and TikTok star

In the beginning, the stage when I started making videos, I used to send YouTube links to my friends and people whom I know well, and they used to say, “Yaar hume ye faltu ke links mat bheja kar. Teri video mei maza nahi aata.”

Now, since I became a bit popular, they tell me to include themselves in my videos. I really love people’s behavior towards me now. It has completely changed.

Tell us a bit about your journey, how you started and more. 

When I was in the 2nd year of my graduation, I started working on knowing the trends. I got to know that YouTube is more than movies, trailers and songs. The first comic video I saw on YouTube was of ZaidAlit, and then I saw multiple channels like AIB, TVF, etc. After watching the videos, I created a video. Everyone criticized it and I stopped. However, when I was in my final year of graduation, I went to a YouTube party where I met YouTube stars. That night motivated me to work on YouTube again, so I started making videos again and this time, criticism didn’t affect me. My videos used to get less than 500-700 views and still I used to make them. After graduation, I started working in an MNC for just 16K per month. Somehow, after about 1.5 years and 60 videos, one of my videos got millions of views and got me good exposure with a lot of subscribers. I haven’t stopped since then. I left my job after 1.3 years when I finally was able to earn with my creative work more than what I used to earn from my job. I started making TikTok videos 2 months ago and I got the popular creator tag in just 20 days.

Ever fancy working for television or movies… or is the internet your preferred choice of medium?

Yes, I am waiting for the day I’ll be on TV or in a movie. However, nowadays, the internet is given more preference as compared to TV, as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. have taken over the entertainment industry like a storm. But I am happy at the place I am, yet never satisfied and always wishing for more.

Being a TikTok star, what do you think about the Faisu controversy?

What Faisu did was his choice and he later apologized for the same. What will be the end result, no one knows.

Anyone you idolize in your domain?  

I always wanted to make different content on every platform, which I am doing. I try my best to showcase something really different in every other video and hence nobody else is doing so. Everyone is following the trend and I am trying to change the trend.

How do you keep yourself updated as a performer?

I do read every comment on my videos, even if it makes me invest a good amount of time. It’s always good to know whether the audience is liking the content provided by me or not, because the audience is the ones who make people famous. So we should always go by what the audience wants.

When not busy working…how do you unwind?

Most of the time I am busy as I have to create 7 original TikTok videos and 1 ten-minute-long YouTube video every week. Mostly, I am either shooting or editing or writing. If somehow I am free for a while, I like to spend the time with my family as they are the ones who have always supported me in this journey.

Any final thoughts for your fans…

I never call them fans. They are lovers who made me reach this position and they will always be my first priority. Lots of love to them.

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