Check out our exclusive interaction with star YouTube blogger and bike rider, Jasminder Singh (Jaysn)

I am a firm believer of “One Life, Enjoy It” concept – Jasminder Singh (Jaysn)

Jasminder Singh (Jaysn) of JS Films fame is an entrepreneur turned YouTuber known for an extraordinary set of traveling videos on his superbikes. With over 2.4M subscribers on Youtube and 375M+ views on his YouTube channel, JS Films, Jasminder a.k.a. Jaysn’s rise has been nothing less than remarkable in terms of growth and engagements. He has also been a pioneer in the biking industry and no wonder his admirers love his YouTube vlogs. Jasminder gets involved in a conversation with IWMBuzz on his passion for bikes, records as a biker, future plans & more. Read to find out –

When was the first time you actually realized this immense passion for traveling?

Well, when you have a wonderful companion called motorcycle, you desire to go to places because you want to stay on the saddle for a long time. Once you find a place that gives you good vibes, that is where the bug of travelling bites. The quest is to find places on earth that make you feel alive.

What about bikes? Tell us about the interesting collection of bikes that you have at the moment? Also which was your first ever bike?

Since my father is into motorcycle service and spare parts business, I had a chance to ride many motorcycles at a very young age. Yamaha Rx 100 was my first bike though and I still have it. Currently, I also own KTM Duke (390cc), Suzuki Hayabusa (1300cc), Kawasaki Zx10r (998cc) and the world’s fastest production motorcycle the mighty Kawasaki Ninja H2 (998cc).

You are one of the first three bike riders who have managed to take a bike like Hayabusa to Ladakh, a place so difficult to ride bikes in general. From where do you get this confidence always that you can pull anything off?

Well yes, I am the second person to do that. But I am the first to complete the Leh Ladakh circuit ( Delhi – Srinagar- Leh – Manali – Delhi). The confidence to do something like taking the heaviest bike like Hayabusa to a terrain like Leh came to my mind Because I am a firm believer of “One Life, Enjoy It”. It was backed by my riding experience of so many years and together, it gave me the confidence that I can pull this one-off.

Out of all the places you have traveled in your bike, which one is your favourite? If you had to pick one?

Well naming one favourite would be difficult as God has gifted our country with such beautiful places. Plus I had the pleasure of riding in Bhutan and Nepal. Still, the thought of going to Spiti and Leh gives me chills and brings a flash in my eyes.

Lastly, your traveling blogs and videos on YouTube inspire millions of young and enthusiastic bike riders to also do the same. What advice would you like to give them so that they can also do it just like you successfully and most importantly, in a safe manner?

All I want to say is don’t get carried away by watching someone doing something. Everyone loves to travel and travelling on a motorcycle for long-distance is another ball game altogether. Before going for a long trip make yourself comfortable with your motorcycle. Spend long time on the saddle so that you know how to control the bike in any situation. Do your research about the places you want to go and most importantly, make sure you have the best of safety gear in your affordable bracket which can keep you safe in any unforeseen circumstance.

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