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I am getting better at my culinary skills: Yogita Bihani during lockdown

The streaming of final ten episodes of ALTBalaji show Dil Hi Toh Hai Season 3, has been pushed back indefinitely.

Lead girl Yogita Bihani quipped, “Covid- 19 had put paid to our plans of uploading the final batch on the 4th of April. The shooting schedule had already gone haywire, given that both Karan Kundra (main male character) and I were busy were other stuff. Once, both got free; we went to set for two or three days. But then again stopped even before the shooting lockdown came into effect fearing of infection. Although we travel by car, the rest of the unit comes by train.”

Fans are anxiously waiting for the season to culminate! “Yes, being aware of that, we too are waiting for things to normalize, so we can get back to set. I, too, love this family story. The entire unit gets along like a house on fire .”

So how are you passing time during the lockdown?

“Well, I am using this stay at home order to refine further my culinary skills, which had taken a back seat due to shoots. Food keeps me sane in this crazy time. While I can’t cook up exotic dishes, not having the required herbs and ingredients, I am making good with pizzas and sandwiches. And yes, daily desi grub (Kadi chawal, baigan a bharta and palak paneer, etc.). Right now, I am not very choosy about the menu as there is no dining out option. Good old home food is the order of the day.”

But that is a substantial amount of calories and fat?

Smiles, “But then I am also doing hardcore exercises (daily hour of Kalaripayattu) and meditation as well.”

in closing, Yogita informs that looking ahead; she would be game for more web series and even trying her hands at films. “But right now, everything is up in the air given the global health uncertainty.”

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