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Deepika Singh is all set to make her TV comeback with Kawach Mahashivratri. The actress will play Sandhya in the horror series that will take viewers on a thrilling journey. While Namik Paul will play her lover Angad.

Kawach Mahashivratri: Deepika Singh and Namik Paul share a crackling chemistry and we love it

The other characters include Yogita Bihani, Hritu Dudani, Rushal Parakh, Mallika Naik, Nidhi Shah, Harsh Vashisht, Sushil Parashar, etc. Sandhya, played by Deepika Singh, is a simple, religious woman who does everything her parents tell her respectfully and also goes to work after her dance class. While a lot of her colleagues keep teasing her and gossiping about the fact that maybe the boss has a crush on her, she only looks at him as her boss.

Sandhya is someone who believes in true love and finds her soulmate in Angad. However, in a turn of events, she realizes that she is on the brink of impending doom. An inauspicious hour on a mystic Mahashivratri night unleashes the supernatural forces onto Sandhya’s life which wreaks havoc in her paradise and complicates her relationship with the love of her life, Angad.
Kawach Mahashivratri has been doing well with the audiences and everyone has been liking Namik Paul and Deepika Singh’s on-screen chemistry.

The storyline of the show is quite interesting and the audience is loving it quite a bit. It’s different than the usual story. The chemistry between Deepika and Namak is most favored.

Earlier in the show, it was shown that Sandhya thought of Angad only as her boss, but Angad always had feelings for her, he also proposed her for marriage but she declined. Slowly she starts realizing that Angad is a great guy and she eventually falls for him. Both of their actings are amazing and the chemistry between them is literally beyond words.

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