Gigi Hadid has an aesthetic fashion. Here are some of her exceptional looks in comfy trench coats

Gigi Hadid is one of the popular models and media personalities in Hollywood. Gigi has been in the industry for years, and her captivating walk and style have made her the star she is today. You may or may not be her fan, but you cannot deny her fashion statement. While her walk on the runway is something, everyone admires her for. She has made fashion a go-to thing for her. Time and again, we have witnessed her style on runways, dinners, parties, etc. And keeping all that in mind, here are Gigi Hadid’s comfy couture in trench coats.

1) The stunning Gigi Hadid made her street style worth watching. She wore a basic white top tucked in with blue high-waist denim paired elegantly with a classic green trench coat. The minimalistic makeup, peach lipstick, and a contoured face completed her look. In addition, the loose hairdo, brown sunglasses, and white cover toe point flats rounded her overall appearance. At the same time, the classy white handbag added a statement style.

2) Gigi Hadid, in this picture, opted for a sky blue baggy t-shirt paired with matching joggers. In comparison, the white flooring sweeping trench coat completed her attire. She styled her look with messy loose hair and minimalistic makeup without accessories. While the white shoes and blue funky glares rounded up her look. She walked like a queen entering the palace.

3) Gigi Hadid made a statement style in a yellow trench coat. The model wore a beige checkered shirt tucked in with matching pants and jacket. In comparison, the vibrant yellow trench coats added a highlight to her street style. While the black glasses with a sleek low bun gave her a chic look and her chunky purple shoes added a comfortable walk to her style.

4) The black shade shines the most. Gigi Hadid wore a black crop top paired with high-waist denim pants and donned it with a black leather coat. While the shimmery high shoe heels, high braided ponytail, and blue glasses completed her look. In addition, the blue sling bag added a classic look.

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