Sachin Khedekar talks about Eros Now’s original crime thriller film ‘Halahal’

Halahal is thrilling: Sachin Khedekar

Veteran actor Sachin Khedekar is a popular name in Marathi as well as in Bollywood. He is known for some of his powerful roles in television serials like, ‘Imtihaan’ and ‘Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero’. The actor is all set to entertain audiences in Eros Now’s original crime thriller film ‘Halahal’.

Halahal, directed by Randeep Jha and produced by Zeishan Quadri is a gripping crime thriller that sheds light on many subjects through its dark yet gritty frames – a charred body on the highway, corrupt and greedy police officer, murder of students, and deception.

The film also highlights the endearing relationship between a father and his daughter. When the father senses something fishy in the post-mortem report, he immediately dives in to find out the truth whether it is a suicide or a murder. The storyline is filled with suspense and will surely draw the viewer’s attention to the events that completely changed the lives of characters who were a part of it.

In conversation with, Sachin spoke about the film, challenges and more. Read on:

What prompted you to take up the film? How was your experience working on Halahal?

The first attraction was the script. It is based on a true incident and written by Zeishan Quadri. The story was so real that it sucked me in. I had the privilege of working with an extremely young team, so that’s an added bonus.

How easy or tough was it to prepare for the character? What was the best part about playing it?

It was seriously tough. I have been around this industry for a very long time and I did a variety of roles but this time I was actually tensed because I am a Bombay actor. When you are dealing with real incidents based on true events then you have to look as authentic as it can get so to adapt to the character was a big challenge. However, the script was so well written that I was happy to work on it. I had actually mugged the entire script before I went to UP to shoot. That world was completely alien to me so that was another challenge. To get realism in Halahal was a big challenge.

What do you think is the USP of Halahal?

The father has always lived a middle-class life and wants to build a nursing home for his daughters and then the mishap happens and now he has to find out the entire mystery, which is the USP. I think the thrill in the story with emotions is the USP of the film.

How was the experience working with Barun Sobti and other co-actors?

We had a great team. The things I have learnt over the past 30 years these guys already know which is quite endearing. Randeep Jha, who directed the film is a youngster but so much of passion he has. We had all Delhi local actors and they all were extremely talented. Barun is an extremely talented actor.

What is your take on the growing web platform?

I really think that is the need of the day. OTT has been a boon. Now, so many of my previous films are on various OTT platforms and now people are watching them and they are messaging me about it. I remember Shyam Benegal with whom I did Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero once said that a good film will always find its own audience. To me, OTT platforms have become the medium to stay and to look forward to.

Any final message

I would want audiences to watch Halahal, my debut web film and I am quite excited about it. I actually feel audiences want to explore more genre so it is actually a happier time.

Good luck Sachin!

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