Paramvir Singh Cheema has come of age with his amazing portrayal in SonyLIV series Tabbar. We speak to him.

I am elated with the kind of compliments coming for my portrayal in Tabbar: Paramvir Singh Cheema

Actor Paramvir Singh Cheema has come of age with the recent SonyLIV series Tabbar!! Paramvir who was seen on TV in the show Kaleerein has got all the attention for his remarkable performance in the above-said web series.

The result is that Paramvir is being appreciated, with a lot of big offers coming his way. Playing the role of the cop Lucky, Paramvir is seen in a very conspicuous and important role in Tabbar.

Says Paramvir, “When I was narrated the story, I was told that Lucky is the hero of the show, as he is the only white character in the series. The Director was extremely helpful. I enjoyed being part of the series.”

Paramvir shares a very special bond with Pavan Malhotra. “Pavan Sir was very helpful. We share an amazing bond. It was a dream to work with actors like Pavanji and Supriya Pathakji. Pavanji treats me like his own son now.”

Talking about his cop role, Paramvir states, “Lucky did every small errand at work before getting the big case. However, he was patient enough and waited for his time to come. Lucky’s motivation at work was Omkar. He also wanted Happy to join the Police force. In addition to being a cop, Lucky was a passionate lover. Lucky’s character and graph evolved after he solved the mystery and got to know the truth. It was brilliant writing. The manner in which Omkar and Sargun’s true face came before Lucky was indeed painful.”

The tall and handsome actor is now flooded with new offers. “My dad was very happy that I bagged this character. The best part about this character was that everything in it was realistic. I am getting so many calls and offers now, after Tabbar has been well-received. I am happy with the kind of compliments that I am getting. Many big Directors have congratulated me on my role. Many loved how my eyes showed all emotions. I have been compared to Irrfan Khan Sir by a few. And that’s the biggest compliment I could get because I have always idolized Irrfan Sir.”

“Tabbar Director Ajitpal Singh has advised me to pick my next roles with a lot of thought. I am happy to have got such golden advice from my Director,” he states.

Expressing his happiness all the more, Paramvir tells us, “I was very nervous before the release of Tabbar. I was getting a positive response from my crew. But I was very apprehensive till the time I saw myself on the screen post-launch. I am happy with how the series has been accepted by masses.”

About his future ahead, he exclaims, “I need nicely written characters with a good graph. I do not have any issue with doing a smaller role. However, it has to be meaty. I want to work with good Directors and I want to do realistic roles. As of now, I am looking at web and films.”

Best of luck, Paramvir!!