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I am happy with the natural progression of Bhasskar in Season 2 of Virgin Bhasskar: Anant Joshi

Anant Joshi is back again in his vulnerable Bhasskar avatar with the Season 2 of Virgin Bhasskar on ALTBalaji.

Anant played the role of the Banarasi lad who got ridiculed by friends on still being a virgin to elan. And now his virginity problems will resurface yet again, and this time the problems are double-folded with the entry of another girl in his life.

Says Anant, “Yes, Bhasskar is back to entertain audiences. There has been an interesting arc and graph in Bhasskar’s life. The script for Season 2 is evolved. They have shown a kind of change in Bhasskar and the other characters too. This change in behaviour and approach is usually seen in real life too. What we were 1 year back and how we perceive things in the present go through a change, isn’t it? There a natural arc in Bhasskar too, and this is the best part of Season 2. So yes, I am happy and satisfied with the natural progression shown in Bhasskar.”

“The first season was all about Bhasskar’s frustration to get the tag of being a virgin off him. The second season is about how he realizes love.”

The shoot of Virgin Bhasskar started soon after the lockdown was relaxed. That meant that all the social distancing norms and safety measures were put in place for the shoot. “Well, the extent to which we used to have fun on the set was kind of missing this time around. With the COVID outbreak, we were all aware of the fact that caution had to be put in while shooting. Having said that, the script brought in an element of fun and we enjoyed playing our parts.”

Ask him about Bhasskar being stuck between two girls – Rutupanna Aishwarya and Jiya Shankar and he states, “Well, more the merrier!! (laughs). There’s an outsider at times who would give you a way to show yourself in a different point of view. And that’s what Pakhi brings about. Life is always interesting when it lives in a dichotomy of whether to be or not to be, as Shakespeare said. So ya, the narrative gets funnier and people will love it.”

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