I can’t do a lip-lock with a female like Nia (Sharma) did in a web series- Sreejita De

Sreejita De on going bold for web series

I can’t do a lip-lock with a female like Nia (Sharma) did in a web series- Sreejita De

Sreejita De, who played a negative character in the recently ended Star Plus show Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai   is now open to working in the digital space. “Web series allows you to play different characters and there is no censor board to cramp your creativity.  Post a much needed break after the above show’s shoot, I will start meeting digital content creators and see what kind of stuff I can play around with.  As an artist, I need to keep pushing my boundaries.”

Here Sreejita, who gained prominence with Uttaran (Colors) adds that while she is open to wearing sensuous outfits on screen, she will draw a line when it comes to donning a bikini. “I love romantic characters but yes, the intimate scenes have to be shot aesthetically and the oomph element needs to flow naturally and not appear forced to merely rake in eye balls.”

We then ask would she be as bold as Nia Sharma and do a lip-lock with a female co star for a web series Twisted? “While applauding her efforts, I add that I will not be able to pull off a similar scene.”

Looking ahead, Sreejita is also open to taking up Hindi film projects. “I am ready even for a bit role, if it is juicy enough.  Finally, Bollywood has come of age and today women characters have something to do unlike Hindi films of yore.  Sadly, South films have yet to mature, so for the moment I will not cross the Vindhyas.”

In closing, we ask this bong beauty would she want to do Bengal films which are generally regarded as evolved.  “Honestly, having started my acting career with Mumbai TV, I have no idea about them. And the biggest issue with my home language cinema, as with most regional films, is certain lack of money.  National outreach obviously offers much more.”

Well said Sreejita.

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