Check out this young internet sensation who is crowned as our Instagram King of the Week

CarryMinati completes 8 million YouTube subscribers

One of the most popular faces of the Indian Youtube space, Ajey Nagar aka CarryMinati enjoys a huge fan following. This absolute genius internet personality has raised to fame at a young age of 20 with his sheer talent and hard work.

Such is his influence that the Indian Youtuber was named by the Time magazine among its ‘Next Generation Leaders 2019’.

CarryMinati first rose to fame when his rant videos started going viral among his fans. He now enjoys a strong fanbase of over 8 million subscribers on his official youtuber channel. His content comprises of gameplay reactions and entertaining funny skits. The youtuber believes in finding a niche for himself and creating something unique which he certainly does. And his fans seem to absolutely love it too!

And if you are a fan of his, you might definitely count yourself among one of his millions followers on social media. CarryMinati is no less popular on the photo sharing site, Instagram too.

He currently enjoys a massive following of 2.1m followers. One look at his instagram page will tell you what a fun personality the youtuber is. He makes sure to keep his fans up to date with behind the scenes stuff, his achievements as well as funny photos and videos that will instantly make you laugh.

Such a lively and fun Instagram feed surely deserves our Instagram King title of this week.

So if you desire a sneak peak of his upcoming video, make sure to go follow CarryMinati on Instagram too!

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