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Some Interesting Facts About Sacred Games actress, Radhika Apte

Radhika Apte, she is the ever-lasting queen! We absolutely go gaga whenever she appears on the screen. She is adored for her talents, and amazing acting flairs. She perfectly portrays her roles every time. Radhika is more known for her beauty and grace, especially her unique fashion skills. Her fashion chronicles are a delight to watch. She is the muse for the youngsters of the country. She is so inspiring for the young girls of the country. Radhika’s roles are extremely overwhelming to watch, from Sacred Games to lust stories and other big hits, she is the best. She has always taken an interest to do roles that are significant and crisp, more metaphorical than literal. She is not really glam and the limelight, she believes in quality over quantity.

Today, at IWMBuzz we are up with some of Radhika’s interesting facts that would make you fall for her again and again.

1. She is married! Well yes, she is married to the debonair, Benedict Taylor

2. Radhika Apte is a talented dancer as well.

3. She made a debut in 2005, with Shahid Kapoor in the film Vaah! Life ho toh Aisi!

4. She is a scholar!

5. Her linguistics is commendable, she is fluent in many languages.

6. She is from the theatre

7. She is a global star.

8. Radhika Apte has experienced Casting couch.

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