Sonu Randeep Choudhary who is a theater personality is happy with the role he has got in the ZEE5 series Black Tornado 26/11.

It was a tough call to convince myself to play a ruthless terrorist in the ZEE5 series Black Tornado 26/11: Sonu Randeep Choudhary

Sonu Randeep Choudhary an avid theater artist has been facing the stage and the arc lights for 15 years now.

The talented actor has always had a penchant to playing good roles. And his dream comes true with the ZEE5 series produced by Contiloe, Black Tornado 26/11.

Sonu plays the role of the terrorist Ismail who heads the gang that has the dangerous Ajmal Kasab.

Ismail will be shown as a real terror, giving order to Kasab and his men to kill people irrespective of their age, gender etc.

Sonu found this aspect in the role as extremely challenging.

Says Sonu, “I have always wanted to play real characters that have a lot of meat in it. It was a blessing that I was offered the role of Ismail the head of Ajmal Kasab in the series Black Tornado 26/11. However, playing the role came with overcoming a lot of challenges.”

Explaining on the same, Sonu avers, “I belong to a family that is completely vegetarian. And here I was doing a role where I had to kill people and shed lot of blood by my attacks. Also, my character orders his men to not bother whether the person to be killed is a man, woman, aged, or even a kid and go by the order of killing. So to convince myself to play the role was indeed a tough call which I had to take.”

“I thank my Guru and NSD actor Jairoop Jeevan who helped me overcome my fears and get into the skin of the character. Also I had my splendid team around, who kept me motivated,” he adds.

Sonu will love to be part of diversifying work and get into roles that are author-backed and challenging.

Best of luck, Sonu!!

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