A powerhouse of talent, Biswa Kalyan Rath never fails to make you laugh out loud with his relatable comedy

Jokes By Biswa Kalyan Rath That Will Make You Burst into Laughter

One of the most popular Indian comedians, Biswa Kalyan Rath skyrocketed to fame after his YouTube comedy series, Pretentious Movie Reviews with popular comedian Kanan Gill garnered immense love on the internet.

He has since managed to climb up the ladder of success with his genius brand of observational comedy. An engineer turned stand-up comedian, Biswa is a regular face on the Indian comedy scene. He is currently into season of his Amazon exclusive ‘Laakhon Mein Ek’, a show that he is also created and co-written for.

We have compiled some of the most hilarious jokes by Biswa Kalyan Rath that are freaking spot on:
Jokes By Biswa Kalyan Rath That Will Make You Burst into Laughter
1.All the introverts put your hands up and say ‘Aye!’
When you grow up introverted, your idea of enjoying things is different than others.
If you tell me, bro, enjoy yourself, I’ll go sleep for 3 days.

2.The struggles of being in a relationship
Ten Minutes into the fight, you realise I’m partially wrong, you’re partially wrong.
But now you can’t break character. You said you won’t eat food, now you can’t eat food.

3.The Life of A Bachelor
Bachelors hate promegranate. If a bachelor is dying of hunger and you give him a pomegranate and a knife…
He’ll take the knife and kill himself
Jokes By Biswa Kalyan Rath That Will Make You Burst into Laughter 1
4.True Story!
Every time you book a Uber, they will use the lowest form of technology available to them. They have the location. They will never use it.

5.We are all him.
I didn’t know what rock music was. I always thought rocking was an adjective. I always thought it was good, better, best, and rocking.

6.If this doesn’t sum up Indian parents, we don’t know what does!
I told my father, “I am a creative man. I want to be a guitarist.” And my dad told me what his dad told him and I quote: “NO”

For more such awesomeness from Biswa, go check him out!

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