Karan Wahi talks about sexual fantasies

Karan Wahi talks to IWMBuzz on his new web series Fuh Se Fantasy

Karan Wahi talks about sexual fantasies

TV superstar, Karan Wahi, is very happy that differentiated concepts like sexual fantasies are coming to the fore, courtesy the web. He was part of one of the stories of Fuh Se Fantasy on Voot, where his character has a foot fetish.

“Such things, while being common, were never spoken about openly in our country for various reasons, till now. This reluctance needs to go, for we all are educated grown-ups, with access to the internet. Generally most men are smitten only by the a**e and b**b factor, but there are other parts of a woman’s anatomy that can also be a turn on. I have a friend who gets aroused by women’s feet, though not to the extent of my above character.”


He adds: “Here I must thank Voot for attempting to break the above shackles. Also, they rightly did not focus only on the sex part, but dwelled on other aspects of the fantasy as well. Sadly, many OTT makers often depend only on sex in lieu of a good story to tell.”

How was the shoot experience? “I did not have any major hang-ups, for at the end of the day, we are only playing characters. But yes, at first I was bit  uncomfortable with the sucking of the toe bit. Not wanting to freak out on the day of the shoot, I made my reservations clear to my producer, who told me to try to go as far as possible. But luckily on that day, everything went smoothly. The aesthetic manner in which the scenes were shot surely helped calm me down.”

Point out that many TV actors still baulk at going bold, and he says, “I can’t blame them, for GEC is very restrictive. During my long TV stint, I would often ask for greyish roles, but was always cast as the boy next door, as it worked. It was only after Sacred Games that my edgier side got noticed. I guess my look also helped. I really enjoyed doing a similar genre in Bar Code.”

For the moment, Karan is happy doing web, “For they are short, start to finish projects, unlike TV, which will end up consuming 25-28 days every month.  Having said that, I am not foreclosing TV; just need something juicy enough to keep me kicked for so long. And it is not that I have left the tube. I am still hosting (Kitchen Champions).”

He is currently busy shooting for an Alt Balaji web series.

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